Pass Thru

Exchange of materials in controlled environments

General Caracterics

Casiba Pass Thru equipment allows the exchange of elements, the passage from one room to another, in clean or controlled areas and surrounding environments of raw materials, instruments, finished products, etc. ensuring at all times the tightness of the system and protecting the product that is being exchanged, from possible contamination.

It can be applied in clean areas and controlled environments such as laboratories, central heavy isolation rooms, rooms for aseptic packaging and other critical areas of work.
It is ideal for pharmaceutical, hospital, food, petrochemical industries, among others.

Standard measurement chart

These equipments can be adjusted to operational and space needs, facilitating their location in the area and making easy to maneuver materials inside of them. The following table details the external and internal dimensions (useful for typical models).

How to specify

Casiba Pass Thru equipment is made on the inside with sheet steel, finished with polyester powder coating powder shrink, on the outside and inside with sheet stainless steel AISI 304, and complete with sanitary polish. It has anodized aluminum doors, locked by electromagnetic locks, automatic locking and 4 mm thick glass and ultraviolet light inside. It includes Amure perimeter frame.